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Landscaping Supplies

Estate Care, LLC has a supply yard in Hampstead, Maryland, carrying a wide selection of landscaping supplies. Everything you need to maintain your lawn. We offer delivery for an additional fee.

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Landscaping Supplies We Offer Include:


Regular Hardwood

$27.00/ yd

Dyed Black Double Shred

$38.00/ yd

Dyed Brown Triple Shred

$42.00/ yd

Dyed Black Triple Shred

$42.00/ yd

Stone/ Sand/ Soil:

#57 Stone

$52.00/ yd

Crusher Run

$52.00/ yd

Stone Dust

$52.00/ yd

Bank Run Masonry Sand


Concrete Sand

$69.00/ yd

2" & 3-5" Brown Stone

$105.00/ yd

1/2" Pea Gravel

$80.00 / yd

1" Red Stone

$115.00 / yd

Screened Top Soil

$45.00/ yd

Fill Dirt

$28.00/ yd


Available in Cord, Pallets, Scoop, and Buckets. 

$225/ Cord* 

*Prices subject to change and purchase type. 

Estate Care is an authorized dealer of Vitality Grass Seed and Fertilzers

3, 5, 10, 25, and 50 pound bags

Bagged Rock Salt

Bagged Rock Salt

7.46/ 50# Bag

Straw Blanket- 7.5' x 120'

Excelsior Blanket- 4' x 180'

Excelsior Blanket- 8' x 90'

$45/ roll

$55/ roll

$55/ roll



$7.00/ bale

Pavers, Retaining Walls, Stones, Parking Blocks, and Other Masonry Products

Call for Pricing

Christmas Trees

Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Canaan Fir

Will be updated for Christmas 2018!

Delivery Avaiable:
1-5 Miles- $25.00
Additional Milage- $3 per mile


Contact us in Hampstead, Maryland, for our quality landscaping supplies.

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